Are you about to have, or have just had surgery for prostate cancer?

This is made for you!

This is a comprehensive prehabilitation and rehabilitation program designed for you to take at the correct stages to prepare you well for surgery  / radiotherapy and also to help you recover the best.

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Why do I need this?

Numerous studies have identified that having "prehabilitation" - exercise and advice, usually from a Physiotherapist, before surgery - and "rehabilitation" - exercise and advice, usually from a Physiotherapist, after surgery will significantly improve the rate of recovery following prostate cancer surgery.

It is not unusual to feel scared, overwhelmed, afraid, angry, confused.... when you are diagnosed with prostate cancer and you have to decide on treatment.

All treatment options may create new symptoms afterwards. If you are having surgical removal of the prostate you may well experience leaking of urine afterwards and also erectile dysfunction.

Understanding how the anatomy and physiology works and being able to do pelvic floor exercises correctly will really help to improve and correct these symptoms.

What do I need to learn / do before and after surgery / radiotherapy?

The more prepared and knowledgeable you are before surgery / radiotherapy the better you will cope and recover. Hopefully, you may be very lucky and come out of treatment with no or limited side effects, but if you are prepared for there to be side effects then there are no unwelcome surprises.

 You need to:

  • know and understand how your body heals and recovers
  • know and understand how your bladder, bowel and prostate work so that you can help them continue to work well - or improve them if you already have some unwanted symptoms
  • know and understand how to do pelvic floor exercises, how often, for how long and what other exercise you need to do
  • know where to go for further help and what to do going forward


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How do I get this information?

You will receive a lot of useful and important information from your Doctor, Hospital Nurse, Hospital Physiotherapist.

There is a lot to take in though and it is easier if the recovery information is all in the one place -here.

This is a comprehensive program to guide you through what you need to be doing before your surgery and after your surgery.

The correct information, at the correct time.

With the correct exercises literally in the palm of your hand on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

You can complete them in the privacy of your own home, building your confidence to head back to work, the gym or the golf course.

What do I get from the course?


Comprehensive, scientific evidence based education on your anatomy and physiology of the pelvis, the pelvic floor and your recovery.

Exercise videos

Over 10 exercise videos which are set to the correct stage of recovery what you can do in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Access 24/7/365 to information, reassurance and more importantly action in the direction of recovery. This is so important for a positive and successful recovery

Why would I do this course?

I hope you are already receiving help and information from your Urologist, Nurse and Physiotherapist as well as some handouts and freely available great internet resources already. If you are in the UK this is a fantastic, free at the point of delivery service.

The reason you buy this course, in addition, to what you are already doing is:
  • to make your recovery easier and quicker by doing more of the right thing
  • for you to have something you can do in the privacy of your own home
  • to have something that you can follow and do DAILY
  • to help you form good habits for your recovery and your future

The value of this course equates to over 6 physiotherapy sessions and 6 exercise classes - in Jersey this is over £600!

You need more than 6 sessions for your pre- and re-habilitation and this is why this resource is here to support you.


It is small steps of good habits that create the traction you need to recover and return to a fulfilling happy and healthy life - hopefully even be inspired to take on something new?!

Do not delay

Your recover depends entirely on what you do to help, what you put into it and how prepared you are: before, during and after your intervention


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